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Crack Cocaine Addiction
   Pictures of Crack Cocaine | DEA Photos

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Pictures of Crack Cocaine

The DEA agents looked over the pictures of crack cocaine like they were looking at the real thing. Tons of the white crystalline substance pressed into cocaine-like bricks and stacked neatly in the warehouse waited at the Mexican border for the next stage of the journey. The cocaine originated in the leafy jungles of Columbia and Peru, made by jungle chemists, then transported by truck on the way to a final destination in the US. Mexican cartels had already converted the cocaine into crack, crystalline rocks ready for heating in a makeshift pipe by crack heads looking for their next high.

Agent Mulder finally said the pictures were so good they deserved to go into a hall of fame for drugs. The division manager, Agent Rogers, agreed. They'd never seen photos as good as this. They could put the pictures online and show the world what they were up against. Maybe it would help get more funding in the war on drugs. Since the 1980s, funding on their crack cocaine intercept operations had been cut in half, but they'd seen the number of cocaine seizures drop by ten fold while pounds per seizure had gone up 20 fold. Perhaps this was a way to turn things around. Rogers ordered the pictures sent over to the Internet team along with a memorandum giving authorization for public disclosure.

The Internet team scanned the photos of the cocaine and cocaine derivative into digital format and then gathered around as a group to look them over. Paul seemed the most amazed. He commented that there must be over 50 tons of the white crystals sitting on the pallets and ready for shipping across the border. He'd been a DEA photographer for 20 years, and had worked many undercover missions to take pictures for evidence. While addicts attended their nightly anonymous meetings and crack head babies wailed for a snort from inside incubators, he'd been out on the front lines working hard and risking his life for pictures. Now, the years were going to pay off because everything was going online.

Jeff and Berny sat in the car, ready to smoke more cocaine that they had scored earlier in the evening. They put the rocks of crack into a makeshift aluminum foil pipe and fired up the lighter. Thick wisps of smoke rolled from the pipe as the rocks turned from milky white crystals into a brown charring mass of popping and sizzling melted glob. They took turns inhaling the smoke deep into their lungs and then holding their breaths. When they were finished they headed inside and got online for some fun. It wasn't long until they just happened to come across the pictures that Paul's team had posted earlier in the day. Jeff and Bernie were in awe, as they looked at the amount of cocaine and cocaine related drugs such as crack that was displayed. They joked about how that much crack could keep an addict out of withdrawal for life, forgoing any treatment for addition.
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